Miguel Ángel de Frutos

BoboBOT ready to explore

Shows the manufacturing and operation via bluetooth of a mini caterpillar dozer 3D-printed based in the Prof. Brian Evans‘ previous work in Thingiverse.

BoboBOT can be controlled via Bluettoth for telecontrol or running autonomous  way.
Push objects, save obstacles,explore hard terrains or take part in a mini sumo’s fight! Modify the printed parts,add new sensors and update the original model to improve its capabilities. :)

Playing Sokoban!

Part list: 3D parts, caterpillar 22-tooth silicone tracks, micrcontroller (arduino or similar), Pololu micrometal gearmotor (50:1 e.g.), motor driver, batery pack and optionally, wireless device (such as bluetooth or ZigBee).

Original version in ABS

Original version in ABS

I printed a first version in pink ABS, but it wasn’t hard enough. So I modified (god bless open hardware philosophy) the original BEvan’s files to improve its resistance and printing again in PLA. The final result: a stronger and easy to print main body.

About electronics, an initial and simple electronic diagram can be like this.

Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram

I’ve used an expensive serial motor driver, manufactured by Pololu (recycling parts from another projects!). The same company, has some really easier and cheaper motor drivers. Please take a look before buy!

The microcontroller used is an Arduino Nano pcb (Recycled too!). It’s a good and useful board with the FTDI chip integrated. But,if you are looking to save money, it could be replaced by one cheaper micro like a pro mini, mini or barebone arduino .

There are two more female sockets. One for the energy source: a light lipo batery, a cheap and comfortable 9V pack or a simple 4xAA battery pack placed in the lower body part. The other female socket is to attach a wireless device: bluetooth, Xbee…Be careful with the pin assignment.

Electronic soldered

Electronic soldered

To test the robot, I’ve programmed a little GUI. You can find the code (software & firmware on Git below).

This app is really easy to handle. Connect the Zigbee or enable the bluetoth conection. Then launch the program, select your desired serial port and use the arrow keys to control your bot. If something is wrong, press “R” to restart the serial port.

Wireless control App

Wireless control App

Now, new Android app available!

Miguel  Ángel

This little robot is a present for a friend of mine. To show him, I’ve recorded a really short video (57″) showing the robot movements, pushing things and…playing real Sockoban! That inspire me to make a more complex program where a webcam recognizes the border lines the boxes. Processes the information captured and sends the orders to the robot to solve the puzzle autonomous way…It could be funny! What do you think!?

Take a look!

Finally, more pics! ;)

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

– Code on GIT:

– Thingiverse link:

  1. x9av1dx

    In fact… when Ifirst watched the video, I thought it was autonomous. Answering yor question, if it’s not already implemented: Yeahhh, it would be great!! You told me when you got it…
    P.D.: Nice gift for yor friend.

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